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Frequently Asked Questions About JagRags

JagRags is your new go-to supplier for designer, comfortable durags across the U.S. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, we know exactly what you want and need out of a durag, and have created a stylish, protective product you can shop online any time. Not only do we offer designer durags for men in the best material possible, but we are answering all your questions about JagRags and why it should be your number one choice!


JagRags is a company dedicated to creating the best, long-lasting durags and bonnets available on the market. Shop our variety of products online from the comfort of your own home! We use high-quality materials in each of our durags in order to protect your hair, so you can feel comfortable wearing them all day or all night.


Our specialty lies in durags for men in a variety of materials and patterns. But we also offer:


JagRags strives for 100% comfort 24/7, no matter if you’re wearing our products during the day or at night. Our JagRags durags for men come in stretchy silk and velvet, or graphic material on the outside with a soft woven fabric on the inside. Our JagRag bonnets, hoodies and shorts are all made of velvet.


Our signature durags for men come in solid colors or stylish graphic patterns, including (but not limited to): City Lights, Snakes, Comic Strip, Camo, and more! Our bonnets, hoodies and shorts are sold in solid colors.


We created JagRags to give all our clients the opportunity to protect their hair using the best materials possible, while also making a fashion statement. Our designer brand and variety of options can accommodate everyone’s needs! Enjoy our stretchable, stylish offerings that are engineered to avoid damaging your hair! JagRags are perfect for maintaining waves and braids, securing your hair while exercising, protecting your hair from the sun, and more!

Still unsure? Browse all our JagRags durags and bonnets online right now and find the right one just for you! Take a look at our newest options as well and learn more about us by browsing our blog. Contact us today with any questions!