"Rose Garden” JagRag

$24.99 $40.00

The "Rose Garden” JagRag combines timeless style with high-quality internal fabric materials that will function as a durag was intended.

The "Rose Garden” JagRag is:

  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Stretchable (4-way)
  • Protective
  • Non-damaging
  • Unisex

The "Rose Garden” JagRag is one of our most timeless styles in our special fabric designer durag collection. This high-quality designer durag will have you looking good, feeling good, and wishing you had never spent money on another durag. Shop our durags for sale online from the JagRags store today. 

  • One-size-fit-all
  • Hand washable

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