"Shadow Gold" Jagrag

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Order the "Shadow Gold" Jagrag today from the JagRags store to find your new favorite soft woven designer durag.

The "Shadow Gold" Jagrag is:

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Stretchable (4-way)
  • Non-damaging
  • Protective
  • Unisex

Just because a durag is designed to prioritize comfort and function doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style. Check out the "Shadow Gold" Jagrag from our online durag store today to experience true comfort and style. So what are you waiting for? Order your "Shadow Gold" Jagrag from JagRags today. 

  • One-size-fit-all
  • Hand washable

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"Shadow Gold" Jagrag
"Shadow Gold" Jagrag
"Shadow Gold" Jagrag
"Shadow Gold" Jagrag