Velvet Red JagRag

$22.99 $34.00

The Velvet Red JagRag is one of the most classic and timeless looks that can be found in our online durag store. Order your red velvet durag today.

The Velvet Red JagRag is:

  • Non-damaging
  • Protective
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Stretchable (4-way)
  • Unisex

Is there a more classic color of velvet than red? We sure don’t think so — that is why we created the Velvet Red JagRag. This comfortable durag will make you do more than feel good, it will also make your look good. Check out the JagRags store today to find velvet durags for sale online. With a large selection, you are sure to find your new favorite durag. 

  • One-size-fit-all
  • Hand washable

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